Newtroit Music Group Inc was formed in 2010 as the parent company for Newtroit Records and a distribution outlet for other independent record labels.

In late 1979, a nineteen year old former Eastern Michigan University student, who's hopes for playing college basketball was done in by worn out knees and subsequent bad grades, decided to pursue his other! He reached out to a college friend named Ruben Pierce, who was a drummer. Ruben gathered up his band members of the group "Frosted". They went in to a studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and created what is now a classic old school rap record entitled "Big Apple Rappin'". Duane Hughes, then known as "Spyder", now professionally known in the rap world as "Spyder D", (with the aid of college friend Tito Lewis), then became the first rapper to establish and successfully launch his own label, distributed by a company called Larchwood Music Co., and released the recording in 1980.

Duane Hughes, professionally known as "Spyder D" has been in the industry for over 32 years now. He started out as an artist/producer from Hollis, Queens, NY, and was the first rap artist to successfully launch his own record label, Newtroit Records, who released "Big Apple Rappin'" in 1980.

Brian Orlow cut his teeth in the recording industry as an executive producer with Rodney Miller's Dark Child Productions in the early nineties. His forte in the business includes, but not limited to entertainment law. Orlow has been the key personnel with negotiations on several deals involving Universal, Fly Spy, T.W.I.S.M., Private I, Propane Records, and K-Tel. Orlow is a graduate of Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center, Huntington, New York and Queens College where he earned a B.A. in Economics.

A key relationship established in 2010 was the distribution agreement with Thompkins Media Group, who utilize the Sony/Red/MRI distribution newtwork. TMG is headed up by marketing guru TC Thompkins.

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